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Lewis and Clark
The Flora & Fauna of Lewis & Clark

From the badlands of western North Dakota to the densely wooded areas along the Missouri river, I grew up appreciating the wildlife and the history around them. Those experiences are what inspire me to paint. I only recently started painting again after a ten year sabbatical to raise three beautiful children. Recently I have begun a series of wildlife, inspired by the flora and fauna documented in the journals of Lewis and Clark along with other native animals. The pieces have been influenced by both my memories of growing up in North Dakota's nature and by the frontier spirit embodied by the Corps of Discovery Expedition. The backgrounds of my paintings are somewhat abstract while the main subject is rendered in a realistic vein. This contrast of styles gives each piece a sense of balance I find very pleasing. Each painting is intended to capture how the animals interact with each other and a sense of space representing their natural surroundings. It is these serene moments in time where the birds and other animals are most natural. I focus on how different animals relate to each other as a family unit. I am a mother and a wife and I see the love I feel for my own family in each painting I create.

Latest Painting

"Great Horned Owl"

" one of the party killed a large hooting owl; I observed no difference between this bird and those of the same family common to the U.'States, except that this appeared to be more booted and more thickly clad with feathers. "
--Merriwether Lewis
Great Horned Owl

Robin on a Mountain Ash

"Saw the first robin."
--William Clark
Robin on a Mountain Ash

Portrait of an Elk Bull

"If the single quill of cloud in the sky decided to come back to earth it would find no place to land. On both sides of the river buffalo, antelope, and elk crowd together, watching us work our way upstream. "
--From the Journals of Lewis & Clark
Bull Elk


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